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How to get your news so it doesn't drive you crazy

How to get your news so it doesn't drive you crazy

There is too much noise right now, it's starting to drive people nuts. The following tips come from @alongcamewhalley: It's not only about what you read, but how you read: 1) No broadcast. Read or listen The news is sensationalized and made for entertainment. "I want to set my own cadence of how I'm ingesting the information I'm receiving, at the pace I want to receive it, so I'd like to read it or listen to a podcast, but watching it feels too intense, like it's coming AT me"- Kristin Whalley 2) Keep structured "check in" times.  Don't be on the receiving end of a new tracker or ticker, constantly being inundated by IG or FB or other voices; don't leave yourself vulnerable to be battered by information at any moment without a defense system. Set times in your day to check your chosen news sources: like breakfast, lunch, dinner. Or just dinner, once a day,  to catch up on what advances were made during the day, but you don't need to follow the stories all day as they develop, it will take all your attention and you'll get caught up in the fever and drama of the news, not the facts.  3) National & Local Outlet Choose your sources wisely. Don't just take someone's word for it, have them site the source. If "I heard from my uncle that this guy in Florida blah blah blah.." kindly ignore him and save your sanity. Pick a couple outlets you trust: a national and a local source, ie: the NY Times and The LA Times. 4) Non-Corona News - Podcast or outlet that talks about what it means to be human Make sure you're getting a balanced diet of information. Don't just eat Corona Virus all week long. Remember there are wonderful books and blogs and podcasts and other incredible content available which you might enjoy even more during the current climate. I suggest humor at a time like this. I'm taking my daily walks listening to stand up comedy, it's awesome.  5) Think before you click. Just because it's on your friends facebook or IG feed does not mean you need to click it.  We love our friends, but we don't need to "like" anything right now.  6) Think before you share. Is this actually helpful to other people? We are all so susceptible right now that fear travels quickly. I was a recipient of one of those fake texts about "someone I know in the military just got our of a briefing where they were told we have to go stock up because we were all about to be quarantined". I asked my friend..."please site your source. Is this actually real, it's a pretty big statement to come over text". On top of that, she sent it at 11pm during a moment when my newborn was screaming. I wasn't please. And sure enough it turned out to be a scam. Please think about when you are sending information on to people and if you think it will actually help people. Before you just forward something on, check the facts, make sure it's real, and maybe even ask your friend before you send: "I found an interesting article I think is helpful, are you open to receiving news right now?". Some people might respectfully decline, if given the option.  Thats all I got for today. Stay safe and help others whenever possible. We're going to need each other more now than ever. xoxoxo Cory Always feel free to reach out by email if you want to chat: or


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