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My Two Rules in Life

I Have Two Rules in Life: 

Rule #1: Show Up and Say Yes.

Rule #2: Don't Be a Dick.

If everyone could follow those two rules we'd all get along.

Let me explain:

Rule #1: Show Up and say Yes. 

This means: A: Show Up in life. Be present, get yourself there, come to the table with something, participate. To Show Up in life is to live your life: to be an active participant and not a bystander. As Woody Allen said, "Showing Up is 90% of the work". 

Then there is saying Yes! This is the sort of "Yes" in the "I'm game" sort of way; to say Yes to life, to be open to possibility, that's the Yes I'm speaking of. When you say Yes, you've allowed the conversation to move forward, whereas a No, instantly shuts down all movement and halts growth.

Now, lets get real for a minute:  I'm not saying literallysay yes to everything in life. There is power in saying no to a great many things. This is not what I'm talking about. The "Yes" I'm referring to is the metaphor of being open to what life may bring, to not having everything figured out, to not living in fear. This Yes allows you to dip a toe into the unknown and go for it; you may jump into an adventure that could change your life. I want to be surrounded by people who show up and say Yes; for it's with these types of people that anything is possible. 

Rule #2: Don't be a dick.

So this sounds pretty straight forward, and you know what, it is. Just don't be a dick. Period. You know when you're being a dick. You know when you're stepping on others dreams, rights, personal freedoms, voices, etc. You know when you're cutting off possibility through narrow-mindedness, through fear, through the inability to bend or be flexible. You know when you see brutality and feel betrayal and yet out of your own best interest you allow things to happen. You know terror, and you know when you see it, when you inflict it, and when you ignore it. You know when you or someone in your world is being rude. You know when you're being a dick! Don't be a dick!

What would it take? Maybe some compassion, and conversation to see the other's perspective? Possibly the awareness of self that would allow you to open up and take on a new possibility? Perhaps the inkling that your way may not be the only way or the correct way. Not being a dick can include a broad spectrum of countless compromises and deep listening. It requires maturity. It requires patience and peace. It requires the possibility of you being wrong at times, and that being ok with you. 

The opposite of being a dick would be: treat each person, plant, animal, energy as you would want to be treated. Allow everything on the planet to thrive in their/it's own pursuit of happiness. Don't crush other's dreams, lives, bounty, richness, experiences, abilities, futures, creative endeavors, essence, etc. because of your personal short comings and inability to rise above. Stop it. Be better. Tap into your higher-self. The world is too small, and life is too short, for you to spend it being a dick. So get it together, wake up, Show Up, say Yes and we can truly, all get along. 

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