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Stop trying to be productive & seek out the positive

As we approach week 4 of Covid lockdown, the need to be hyper-productive is beginning to wane. Many of us felt a push to use this quarantine time to "better ourselves", in what initially was portrayed to be a short disruption in our lives, be it two weeks or a month. And yet, as the reality of the Covid timeline sets in, we're all beginning to understand that this isn't a sprint but a marathon. So how can we maintain our sanity, our patience and our goodwill as we continue each day in this Covid climate? Below are 4 resources that can to make you feel better right now:

1)Stop trying to be so "productive". Read this NYTimes article about letting go of trying to be productive and giving yourself a break.

2) Seek out positive news. I sent a newsletter a few weeks ago about how to ingest your news so it doesn't drive you crazy, (which you can read by clicking HERE). But going one step further: seek out GOOD news. A couple great instagram sites are @goodnews_movement and @upworthy

3) Watch THIS VIDEO by Dr. Price, a doctor at Cornell. He shares whats happening on the front lines in hospitals and how you can protect yourself and your family by following a few simple rules. Many people have felt uplifted after watching it. It has been shared over 3 million times since it came out last week. It's an hour long, but worth the watch.

4) Subscribe to uplifting and positive podcasts such as:

I'd love to hear how you're staying positive these days. Send comments to

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