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Real people, real shifts.


Cory is mindful. She takes time to really take in her clients;  that specific person in front of her.

She draws from a myriad of tools from her life experience and her various trainings to serve and to help that person focus in on a brighter life; whether it be in love, or work or play.


You can also tell she applies this to her own life. She lives an extraordinary life, it's very colorful, very abundant, and filled with love in all kinds of ways. I couldn't recommend her more.

- Caroline Kinsolving, Actress
Caroline Kinsolving Testimonial

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Cory has an instinctive ability to direct you to the path you already knew was there.     
- Carrie Paul, TV Line Producer  

Cory has the ability to listen and draw out of me what matters

She brings ease to the coaching by her friendly and inviting personality. She got me to see things about my life that I hadn't seen before. Thank you Cory!

- Marilyn Crouch, Professional Organizer

My entire life has changed since working with Cory.  


Through her endless source of positivity, creativity, and insightful encouragement, I've been inspired to make incremental changes that have completely altered the course of my life.  


I feel more in alignment with my purpose, more connected to the people I love, and comforted by the strength our dynamic has given me.


I'm so lucky to have found her, so grateful for her impact on my life, and so continually encouraged by our sessions.  If you're lucky enough to get an appointment with her, take it.

- Anne Neczypor, Producer

"It's like hiring a personal trainer for your life"


-Elana Meta, Entrepreneur/Performer
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I'd recommend it to anyone; It was worth every penny."

Cory O’Donnell is of one of the most exceptional humans I have ever encountered.


She has the ability to listen, understand, empathize, and guide others through their personal life's journey, unlike anyone I have ever seen.


My experience with Cory helped me through self-reflection, personal analysis, and some pure old fashion Cory O’Donnell style tough love (the best kind of love)!

- Betsy McGowan, Senior Sales Advisor

If you are coming upon this page, you are truly lucky.  

You have bumped against a powerful energy named Cory O'Donnell.  

Cory has a way of leaving you a better person, adding value to your life.  She has seen me through some of the most exciting parts of my life, and also some of the most vulnerable times for me, in either case, I left a better human being after spending time with her.  


If EVER I need to speak with someone that can help me filter an issue in a productive, objective, and life expansive way, I kid you not, she is the FIRST person I call. ​

- Esmey Leon, Fitness Instructor   
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